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Maison Ullens Ecological Responsability

Committed to making a positive impact

Aware of the ecological issues of the world we live in, Maison Ullens is committed to contributing to a better future by becoming an ethical fashion brand. As part of a continuous process of improving its practices throughout its production chain, Maison Ullens has chosen to protect our ecosystems by paying particular attention to the behavior of its partners, as well as to the quality of the production of materials and their transformation. Ethics is not a goal to be reached, but rather a permanent state of mind. The company has chosen to produce in a more measured way: only developing two collections per year of clothes of exceptional quality and timeless style that will last through time. Maison Ullens is actively involved in limiting the exploitation of natural resources.


The spinners, knitters and manufacturers

Over the years, Maison Ullens has surrounded itself with workshops of exclusively European collaborators and has developed strong ties with these family businesses that work continuously to reduce their environmental impact. This principle is one of the key elements in the choice of our partners.

All of our manufacturers select the products needed to make our products in accordance with the ZDHC certification (Roadmap top Zero program) and implement the 4sustainability protocol to guarantee our customers that no internationally banned chemicals are intentionally used. Some of them are also certified OEKO-TEX, which certifies that no product or substance toxic for the environment has been used during the transformation of the garment. Recognized in the world of knitwear for its level of excellence, Maison Ullens strives to choose partners who meet its requirements. Located in France or Italy, these experienced craftsmen, guarantee the respect of workers' rights and working conditions. Producing in Europe means respecting a short circuit, but also following European regulations such as REACH (European Chemicals Agency), to better protect human health and the environment against risks related to chemical substances.


Cashmere and Wool

Knitwear plays a major role in the House's collections and the materials of choice are cashmere and wool. Our cashmere yarns come from Inner Mongolia in Central Asia, guaranteeing one of the best qualities at the international level. To resist the very low temperatures, the goats of this area develop a very soft undercoat, harvested by nomadic breeders according to ancestral methods that guarantee the animal's well-being. We are convinced that we must consider the whole system for cashmere production to be truly sustainable. This includes the environmental impact, the well-being of the breeders and the animals. In this regard, our partner has obtained the SFA (Sustainable Fibre Alliance) certification which guarantees that it is a committed player in the production of sustainable cashmere.

Our wool comes from Australia and New Zealand, guaranteeing exceptional quality. The production of this material is beneficial for the sheep, as shearing allows them to stay in good health. Maison Ullens has decided to work with a spinning company that does not practice museling and has the Pantex SPA label, which attests to this. The latter also benefits from the RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) label, a standard that guarantees animal welfare, land management practices and wool traceability.


No more plastic

Starting in 2019, Maison Ullens is committed to reducing plastic in its packaging by replacing it with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper packaging. Our bags, boxes and labels, follow their principles and criteria which consist of ensuring that the production of wood or a wood-based product respects procedures that guarantee the sustainable management of forests, the communities that surround it and therefore conserve biodiversity. Our Polybags, used for the packaging of our clothes to protect them during their transportation from the manufacturer to our stores, are made of recycled plastic. It is a fitting reference for Maison Ullens, a brand that celebrates art, beauty, style, and culture throughout the world.

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