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Nappa Leather

Cotton & organic cotton reversible ribbed knits. Employs a highly technical plating or “vanisage” fabrication, where two different threads and colors are spun together to create unique effects and double face coverstitch finishings. Made in Italy


Spring/Summer 2020

With the launch of our magazine's second edition, we celebrate the dawn of Spring, and together we embark on new journeys of the body and mind. And so, in this issue, we visit a small, family-run knitwear factory near Lake Como that makes some of our most luxurious and coveted pieces of the season. And, we check-in to the intimate and charming Hotel Heritage in Brugge, the famous Cal-A-Vie spa in southern California, and one of the world's most remote lodges, The Tikchik Lodge in Bristol Bay, Alaska.


Ready-to-wear everywhere you go

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